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Benjy Rowner, Certified Executive Coach and Life Coach

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I started out with my fair share of lack of confidence and low self esteem. In general, I just wasn't happy with who I was. I struggled with my self image and was desperately seeking to “find myself”. I certainly did not realize or understand my value and potential. Through hard work, an abundance of introspection, and the study of human nature, I have been able to work through my challenges and adversities. I used tools such as setting goals, living in the present, and becoming my own cheering squad, to overcome and achieve the confidence, happiness, and joie de vivre - the exuberant enjoyment of life - that is currently my life.

It is my passion to share these and other life skills with those who need assistance in navigating their “bumps in the road.” I am experienced in helping adults and teens unleash their potential, paving their way towards success and growth, both personally and professionally.

My professional journey includes a career in sales and business development, finance, operations, and IT, as well as serving as an EMT and first responder. Through this entire journey, assisting and collaborating with others has always been a critical and rewarding component of my success. Life coaching has allowed me to make a difference in many people's lives, affecting their growth and happiness.

If you are seeking assistance in improving any area of your life, partner with me for an unmatched experience, as you learn about yourself and how to harness that which makes you so truly terrific and deserving. It would be a privilege to work with you on your personal and professional journey to become your most empowered self.

Empowered Thought Life Coaching

It is our philosophy that the most important aspect in excelling in life is thinking, and our focus is coaching others to think correctly. This means developing a positive "I can do it" attitude and minimizing destructive and limiting beliefs.


At Empowered Thought Life Coaching, we incorporate the understanding of what drives human behavior and how to overcome obstacles in order to move forward and succeed. When we identify why people behave in a particular manner, you start to understand how adjusting your thoughts and actions create positive change in every aspect of your life.


This, together with the recognition of what makes you so remarkable, is the core tool in unleashing greatness and true awesomeness.


It's a journey. Make friends with your obstacles and transform them into strengths. Start your personal journey with me today.

Image by Nick Morrison
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