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If I had to use two words to describe Benjy Rowner it would be “Dedicated” and “optimistic”.

He has an incredible way of breaking down a struggle to make it doable and easy to overcome, and goes beyond to make you feel comfortable and see things in a positive way.

I highly recommend Benjy as a life coach. You absolutely won’t regret it!  

- SAck - Passaic

Reading your testimonials, I am compelled to reflect on how lucky I was to have our 1 on 1 time together. You made a big impression on me, through a rough patch in my personal journey. I fully believe you bring out the best of me. Now, I'm thrilled that others will have similar opportunities …

- Geoff Mar

It's amazing how far encouragement can take us. You have encouraged me more than any professional before that I've seen (I've seen many) for guidance. You have you brought about  concrete change in me, that I can see and identify and hone in on each day. Thank you truly. 


Thank you for everything. Ever since I started learning and speaking with you my self confidence, shmiras halashon, and passion towards Torah and Hashem has definitely increased and that's all thanks to you. Before this year started I was nervous that I wasn't cut out for teaching this subject. I was afraid (and still am a bit) that I would hurt one of my students, be too harsh, or even sound stupid, and I really davened to Hashem that He would help me. It didn't take too long for Him to answer my Tefilos. It was only a couple of days later that we started talking and I'm grateful to you and to Hashem... so thank you again, I appreciate that you give me your time and how you show me that you really care.


Working with Mr. Rowner has been a truly positive experience. He has helped us keep our eye on the prize by guiding us through small tasks that we can easily accomplish, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. When working with Mr. Rowner you are his top priority, and you get the sense that helping you succeed is his main goal.

- KB

Benjy is a wonderful intuitive attentive coach. He has helped guide me through difficult times and supported me through all my ups and downs. His balance of listening and advising has been superb. A true God send.


At some point in life everybody will have the need to be heard, supported and guided to a better path. Benjy, through his sessions, has taught and inspired me to visualize life from a positive embracing perspective. I can not thank Benjy enough for the strength, encouragement and the light he has shed to my life. 

- PR

For many years Benjy Rowner has been my mentor and close friend. Through happy times and difficult times I have always felt that I could call him for honest advice on a wide range of topics. He is a fantastic listener and has a way of getting through to me in a kind and gentle way.


Benjy is a person who combines keen understanding with real compassion and care for people. He is truly insightful and has helped me in many ways (including career and marriage coaching).


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